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Sinister 7 Recrap

The Dude Abides Welcome back.  If you're reading this, you remembered to bring your phone to the bathroom,  good on you! The Following is my solo experience of about 58miles of the Sinister 7.  Trigger warning:  The following may disturb you. So.....those of you that have read my amazingly written recaps (*cough *cough) know I've had a good year this year.  Put down some good ultras, had a blast in training, and have just been loving on life.  I put a lot of training into running this one race (seriously folks 100-120 miles a week all bloody winter!!!). So, how does one deal with a DNF, or just a crappy day (if you know what I mean *winky face emoji).  This is the tale..... The year was 2017, It was a warm July morning, Trump was in the Whitehouse, Oil was 40 bucks a barrel, and a rather shaggy looking runner, was donning his camo bucket hat and proudly affixing his bib # (#1 of all numbers, thanks for the cursed # Brian, lol)for what promised to be a great/hot as hel