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An Ode to Icebug Running Shoes

This is the world's shortest product review. These are workhorses.  They are never clean Icebugs. Are. Excellent. No fiddling with YakTraxs or Microspikes.  These badboys have tiny metal spikes built right in.  They've got a variety of drops (I use a 4mm version), and you can run on a frozen lake in them.  I've been keeping my weekly average at almost 100 miles with using these. I live in the Canadian rockies. It gets cold at night, then warm in the day. I run at 5am, on ice.  every morning. I love these shoes. If you are tired of the endless conversation over 'how do I run in the winter', try a pair of these.  Buy them on sale in the spring.  Put them in a closet, and break them out next winter.  These babies are work horses.  The link to the US store is here Those little metal spikes are the cat's pajama Crush your goals. Find me on; twitter @CanGhostRunner Strava 'Canadian Ghost Runner Istagram 'CanadianGhostRunn