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Redstreak Mountain Scramble

Tom at the Truck we spent the night in at the Redstreak Campground The Gear Bags After some time away from writing, and running due to injury, I decided my comeback should be something epic.  In 2016, I took my wife on a misadventure, that turned into what I would later learn is the saddle of Redstreak mountain.  We were not prepared for a long day, and it was very hot out, and did not have enough water or food for a 10+ hour day of hiking.  It was the first time I've been turned back on a mountain in a long time.  It stuck with me. Queue two years later.  The failure of 2016 has hung around me like a fog.  I've climbed countless mountains, and ran countless trail ultramarathons.  I have not been back to avenge my failure....until now. The following is a trail guide for Redstreak Mountain, and may not be suitable for all viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.  It was a balmy Tuesday night, when my buddy Tom and I decided to head out to Radium to climb Red

Let's Get Dizzy: Pulse Endurance Race

So this winter I'd been doing a lot of treadmill running (like A LOT of treadmill running).  I had developed several solid overuse injuries over the last season, and needed to let those heal while still stretching the legs.  Nothing does this better (or is more mind numbing) than a 60k on the treadmill.  Over the course of these countless hours binge watching Netflix while jogging on the hamster wheel, I decided I wanted to try a timed event, looped course.  This would give me a chance to get an early season 100 mile out of the way, and make sure my body was ready for another summer of suffering. I selected the Pulse Endurance Run near Boise, Idaho.  It was a short 13 hour drive from where I live in Fernie, Britsh Columbia, and coincided nicely with some banked holidays I had to use or lose.  I signed up for the 48 hour event to make sure I would have enough time to get my miles in, packed my SUV with a bed and all the gear you would ever need for a Spring run, and headed o