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Sulphur Spring 100 Mile Rundown

The following is a dramatic retelling of the events that took place between the morning of May 26th through May 27th.  Places and names may have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent. Pre-race glamour photo It was a crisp dark morning on Saturday, May 26th, 2018.  4:15am.  I'd gotten a few hours of sleep since landing the night before, as I flew from Fernie, BC to Hamilton, and was feeling about as fresh as the Hamilton air (bazinga?).  I drove with my amazing, patient, and awesome wife (she is going to read this you know) to the start line in Ancaster, where I would run, and she would crew for the next 24-30 hours.  I grabbed my race package, and asked around for some intel on the course (I was highly prepared!) The race took place at the Dundas Conservation area, and consisted of eight 20km loops, each with about 600 meters of elevation change.  Each lap began running down a long hill, then ended running up the same hill.  The course also fea