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Tapering with the Devil

Hello, and welcome back to the end of the internet.  This post is about my end of year taper going into a 100mile race, while in the process of moving. First, I want to say that tapering is different for everyone.  What works for me, may not work for you.  A few stats about me.  I'm 34 years old, 6'2, and range between 150-160lbs.  I have a resting heart rate of 40.  I'll be doing a write up on my slightly more advanced 100 mile run plan, but my very first post,was on my first run plan if any of your are interested here .  In training, I aim to run 100miles a week or more.  My body is used to performing in pain, and tapering feels unnatural. Now, lets get to it. Two weeks out.  This is the last meaningful training week before a race.  For this one, two weeks out, I ran a 10 mile, then a 28 mile (Berg Lake, its the previous post), then an 8 mile (viking ridge).  The week was about 105miles (ending the Sunday 13 days out).  This week just ended, was not ideal, and h

Berg Lake, Viking Ridge, and Damn Staples!

Tom, Myself, Shayne at Berg Lake The following is a faithful retelling of events that occurred on September 15-17, 2017. Friday, September 15 11:00am-   The plan was for Shayne to pick us up at 11:00am Friday morning, pack up the bikes, and promptly head out of town.  We were headed to Jasper, Alberta, to run 'Skyline', which I am told is around 50ish km and 6000ft of gain.  We were all stoked.  11am came and went.  No Shayne Midday- Facebook Message from Shayne.  He is stuck at Staples, trying to get business cards printed.  He thinks he's got it figured, so he picks me up, then Tom.  We drive back to Staples to get the cards. 1:00pm- Back to Staples.  Shayne goes in to collect the business cards, Tom and I run over to Tim Hortons to pick up coffees.  We get the coffees.  Shayne is still at Staples. 2:00pm- Did you know they sell backpacks and Vitamin Water at Staples?  Who knew?  Shayne has finally finished up with Staples, only to get the world's w