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April Training Plan

To recap 2017.  January was about building mileage, and running numerous split runs to get to 100 miles/wk. February was condensing those runs and adding much longer runs (weekly marathons). March saw the elimination of split runs while keeping 100 mile/wk for a baseline.  Speed and cross training played prominently into March. April is about elevation.  plain and simple. The motto is 'Get them hills'.  I will be less concerned with the 100 mile/wk upkeep, while aiming to spend a ridiculous amount of time running at inclines of greater than 8% (ideally 10-16%). An ideal week is this; Day 1- 16 mile run with 500ft gain (all the gain is over 3km). Day 2- 12 mile trail with 2000ft gain (4.5k trail loop repeats) Day 3-13.4 mile run with minimal gain Day 4- 5hr+ run hike with 4000ft gain (4.5k trail loop) Day 5- 13.4 mile run with minimal gain Day 6- Hill grind for 5600ft (10-12% grade 2k hill repeats) Day 7- 13.4 mile run with minimal gain I am also plann