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The Carnivore Diet weeks 2&3

Greetings from the end of the internet!  If you'd like to find my first week write up, click HERE .  Or to find out why I'm attempting this diet, click HERE . If you're reading this, I'll assume you are probably in the bathroom.  And, if you're on the carnivore diet, this probably happens once a week, and lasts for two hours, or happens every two hours (turns out constipation, and diarrhea are both side effects...who knew?).  I'll keep this quick. After week one, I felt okay. I was on a rest week from training, and the lack of energy could pass and I'd be fine.  I also didn't need that much energy to continue at real life without any serious running. big training block week hit.  It would be a 200km week of running.  I knew I'd have to increase calorie consumption.  I'd bought a lot of rib eye and pork chops.  I was ready, or so I thought. The Sunday began with a 12.5km hill repeat workout.  I felt good, and it wasn't go

Carnivore Diet week 1: Death to vegetables

First Restaurant Carnivore meal looks a little sad A week ago I began a four week plan to test out the Carnivore diet.  (The backstory can be found here ).  This week was the perfect week to begin the experiment, as I was recovering from a 100 kilometer trail run (you can read about here ) so my training block would be small and I could deal with the lack of carbs like a normal person...sleep and cry! Before I begin, I need to mention there is no universal agreement on what is included in this diet.  Some people drink coffee, because it's good, others wont touch it as it came from a plant.  Some have high fat dairy (cream and cheese). Some even use honey (is it bee milk/poop, or is it a plant product? But cows eat grass...does that mean beef is a vegetable I going on a salad diet!!!  I digress).  Diets are like religions, everyone knows the correct way to do it, and everyone else is wrong. I'm setting out to keep it a little more chill, like everyone s

Mighty Quail Trail 100K

Pre Race Selfie Attempt ' If it was easy, everyone would do it.  If it was fun, more people would do it .' -Thomas Coveney, English philosopher, kilometer 71 of the Mighty Quail 100K It was probably August 13.  I was sitting in my chair, reclining after a successful Canadian Death Race, when a text message appeared on my phone.  It was from my buddy Tom Coveney.  It simply asked 'do you have any September races planned'?  I had the Lost Souls 100 miler at the beginning of the month, but then a 7 week break before Javalina in October.  I was intrigued, so Tom sent me the link to The Mighty Quail Trail. Tom and I have a race history.  He has a knack for picking great (terribly awful/no one needed to ever run them) races, and earlier in the year got me to do Diez Vista 100k with him (great 50k loop, doing it twice?? That amounts to torture).  The Quail Trail was going to be much nicer, better scenery, hopefully not pouring rain, beer at the end!! 

Month of Meat

I'll start by introducing myself, as this is a slightly different audience then who I usually write to.  I'm an ultra marathon runner that goes by the moniker 'Canadian Ghost Runner'.   Ultra marathons are usually held in the mountains, and typically range from 50km to 100 miles (there are even longer one for the clinically insane).  My life consists of working, running and training.   I run on average 100 miles a week, as well as walking, hiking, and cross training, so what I eat plays a big part in my day.  I live in the beautiful ski town of Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.   As I spend 16-24 hours a week running and training, I listen to a lot of music and podcasts, which brings to be how I first heard about the carnivore diet.  I first heard about the carnivore diet from Shawn Baker on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  I'm a very skeptical person.  I would have dismissed this as the 'Jade Egg' of diets (go ahead, google it.  I've got ti

Lost Souls: I am not a smart man.

Add caption The Lost Souls Ultramarathon is a 54km to 100mile run in the Coulees around Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.  The Lethbridge area is basically like if the prairies and the desert had a love child that neither parent wanted to parent.  It's hot, windy, and beautiful.  Coulees are basically like canyon walls, that with enough effort and self loathing can be climbed up and down.  The grades are anywhere from 20% to 'I hate my life'.  To make things interesting, the course also loops around the sewage treatment plant.  So while your legs take a beating on the coulees, you get to pick it you want to smell the air, or taste it.  It's like being stuck in a line at Taco Bell. The 100 mile race consists of 3 loops of the 54K course.  Each loop has 6 segments.  4 of these segments smell like Taco Bell, 3 of the legs are absolute hell, and 2 of the segments consist entirely of pointless climbing and descending while smelling other peoples excrement (I should ad

Blackspur: A Star Wars Story

A long time ago, in an ultra marathon far far away............ BLACKSPUR  The Province of British Columbia is on fire smoke from the fires has filled the air and blotted out the sun. The Sith Lord Brian of Gallant has seized the opportunity to enslave  a group of runners in the town of Kimberley. His Sinister empire has begun construction of  a 'Blackspur'. Plans for the Blackspur have been leaked to the runners however and a plan begins to overthrow the Sinister Empire and conquer the Blackspur has begun. EPISODE 1 The Smoky Menace Episode 1 is a flaming heap of garbage. This race has 6 episodes/legs (everyone knows that 6 episodes is the most episodes any series can have, and anything that comes after that will wreck the series, and feels like a cash grab...Yes, I have issues).  The smoke was bad.  The Air Quality Index looked more like a temperature gauge in death valley than a 0-10 meter. Runners lined up at the base of the ski hil

The Canadian Death Race (The Race from Hell)

( The following is an unedited, energy drink fueled brain dump.  It may be choppy, and rambling) THE FOLLOWING IS RATED 14A AND MAY CONTAIN SCENES OR ELEMENTS SOME READERS MAY FIND DISTURBING .  READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Redbull Fueled 17:09 finish Starting these posts is always the hardest part.  I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning. Date:  Sometime before registration closed Time: Sometime before bar close Place: Bridge Bistro, Fernie, BC I had registered for the Sinister 7, and the Blackspur Ultra, earlier in the season.  I had completed the Canadian Death Race (CDR) the year before, and had sworn to NEVER.  EVER.  EVER.  run it again.  I had a decent time, and had no desire to suffer needlessly.  If I wanted to suffer for no reason, I heard Taylor Swift had a new album.  But there I was.  Sitting on a patio, drinking some amazing Fernie Brewing Company craft beer in the summer sunshine, when my lovely wife brought up the subject. I