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#50shadesofTreadmill Ultra Plan

A while back, I wrote a training plan for a basic 100 mile week,  a few thousand of you have read it, and I've received some requests for an 'updated/what the heck am I running this winter' plan.  So here it is.  I'll break it down into what I am doing, and throw in a slightly less insane version.  My plan last year helped me shave almost 5 hours off of my goal 108K trail run, and hit the podium.  I'll link to it here. So after a busy year of trail races, and my body being amply depleted, I took 3 days off of running while I moved to Sparwood, BC (yup, a whole three days, I'm a hedonist).  My October plan is about getting back to basics.  My runs will be a little more intense, no walking, and lots more slow running.  It's kind of like track work. One last point in this.  I love my treadmill.  Like really love my treadmill.  (check out the hashtag #50shadesoftreadmill, its all me! hahaha).  I digress. I do enjoy the control of my runs though. I on

To Fernie and Beyond

Welcome back to the end of the internet.  I hope your bathroom time is treating you well!  I am planning on making this more of a weekly thing now that I have internet again (thanks Shaw....). When we last left our protagonist (that's me) he was leaving a job after 15 years, moving to the mountains, and headed to Edmonton for the Iron Horse Ultra.  Catch up here . I may write about that at a later date, but that date is not today.  Suffice to say it didn't go well. Which brings me to today.  We now live 'Fernie Adjacent' in a town called Sparwood.  We bought a modular a cash, so we wouldn't have the constraints of a large mortgage, and could enjoy going to the mountains on our days off.  We have made good use of our time. Harshan and Pru I have been fortunate enough to bump in to more trail saints than I care to count in my trail running career.  In Fernie so far, that has been the intrepid Harshan and Pru Ramadass.  In 11 days, th