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March 2017 Training

Another month comes to an end.

March is an odd one, as far away from a race as I get (2 months from January, 2 months from May).  The weather is still 90% treadmill, but the body wants 100% outside. With the longer days comes better mileage.  My weeks ranged from 111 miles to 118.7 (PB), and with a step total of close to 1.4million, I can only say, it was a very successful month..

A few observations:

1) With high mileage, and double or triple runs some days, most bystanders will caution about over training. I was worried about this too! Taking most of my runs slow in January and February, really paid off this month.  I went in strong and healthy. I ate healthy foods to maintain weight, and maintained consistent rituals.   This paid off.

2) Many personal bests this month.  Fastest 10K (40:30). Fastest 15K (62:01).  Highest mileage week (118.7miles).

3) Motivation.  Success breeds success.  Even though I set an alarm most mornings, I routinely woke up 20 minutes before it, too excited f…

Life in a Day

Everyone who is truly dedicated and passionate about something has a story.  This is mine.

 May 2016 was a defining moment in my life. I can actually pinpoint the moment everything changed.  I was in Cooking Lake Provincial Park, east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, running the blackfoot Ultra Marathon.

 I was in the 50K distance.  The race consisted of 25K laps with about 2500ft of undulation per lap. It was wet, and the course was muddy.  I wasn't feeling it, but put up a time just under 3 hours for the first lap.    Coming into the pit stop, I wasn't feeling it. I can remember thinking;

'I'm an idiot.  This running thing isn't for me.  I can't stay healthy enough to train effectively.  Towel time buddy.  25K is good.  Most people can't do that.'

Reluctantly, I headed out on the second loop. To my surprise, my legs held up.  In fact, they felt pretty good.  I had dropped eleven pounds for this race (I was 188 at race time), and I felt lighter.  The c…

Spring Training plan

Disclaimer: I Love training.  Probably more than I like racing.   The process fascinates me.  I love reading other peoples training plans, runs, and goals, so please keep posting them on Twitter, or even here! The following plan is a lot of mileage.  Enjoy.

If you read my 100 mile/week training plan, you would see that I use split runs 5 days a week in usually a 7 + 7 mile (am/pm) format.  This is to build the base for the next phase of training.  Winter is about building a foundation.  Spring is framing the house.

As Spring starts, I shift into longer split runs, aiming for;

 10 + 5 mile Monday to Wednesday
26.2 Mile on Thursday (single shot)
10 mile slow Friday
 15 mile slow Saturday
6-9 mile fast Sunday, usually adding in some sprints.

I have a 2.5mile trail loop a block from my house.  I use this for all my 10 mile runs.  It's flat, and icy, but I can average 12-14km/ hour on it.

We have a community forest that is about 2.7miles long with about 400ft of gain per lap.  The goa…


Rituals.  Probably the most important thing to any athlete.

I've just completed my sixth consecutive 100+ mile week of running.  My runs have gotten much better over the last month and a half.  I'm walking very minimally now, and my average pace is close to 11km/hr (up from a hair over 10 when I started this training plan).  I can contribute almost all my gains to one thing.

The quality of my rituals.

With the rare exception of planned big run days, every morning I wake up and run 7 miles. It doesn't matter how much I hurt, if I'm sick, or if I work at 5am.  I anchor my entire day around this ritual.

Wake Up.
Eat Oatmeal and banana with whole milk.
Drink coffee.
Run 7 miles.

This accounts for almost half of my mileage every week.

 The benefits I've noticed from this?

My ability to deal with discomfort has gone up exponentially.
I can run sore.
I can run tired.
My muscles recover quickly.

I'll add another post next week, about how I dance around this ritual to m…

100 Mile Training Plan

The Following is a basic guide on how I manage to work full time, and run 100 miles/week.

My Usual work schedule is 7am-3:30pm (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat)
                                             10am-6:30pm (Tues)

Sunday:  I wake up at 4:30am, and run 7miles, slow pace (1 hour).  Then I get ready and walk to work (3km).  At 3:30pm, I get off work, walk home, and run another 7  miles, moderate pace   (55min).  I  should note, my early morning runs all include a 12 minute run, 3 minute walk set up.  This keeps my legs fresh, and is essentially 'getting in the miles'.  Total miles 14.
Monday:I repeatSunday's run plan again.  Total miles 14.
Tuesday: I wake up at 6am, and run 14 miles solid (1 hour 50 minutes).  Then walk to work, and walk home.  Total miles 14.
Wednesday: I take it easy on Wednesdays.  Wake up at 4:30am and run 7 miles, slow pace.   Total miles 7.
Thursday:Long run day.  One of three different runs. (1) Drop the hammer and get in miles fast and furious, minimum…